Breathing Circle

Breathing Circle – Conscious Connected Breathwork in a group setting

Come into total relaxation, experience a deep well-being and a transformation of energy. Finding a connection with all that is alive and giving your vitality a boost. Return to your own source. Releasing stress and tension and simultaneously preventing burn-out and depression. Integration and transformation of fear, anger and sadness from the origin so that they can no longer repeat themselves instead of continuing to fight and undergo the symptoms. Taking responsibility for your own feelings.

Experience the coherence of your breathing, thinking and feeling. You notice where blockages are, you consciously feel and release tension. The intention is to find the full potential of your breathing  to use it optimally for a greater awareness and consciousness, for more balance and for a healthier body. The deep connection and the well-being that emanate from both oxygen and Ki, the life energy, is powerful and .... so simple! You deserve this quality time!

Bring: yoga mat, blanket to keep warm, pillow, loose clothing, bottle of water

Duration: approximately 2:30 to 3 hours

Are you ready for a new experience?