Hot Water Breathwork

Joy of Life Water Breathwork - Consciously Connected Breathing in warm water (35 ° C) (hot water rebirthing):

Return to the time in the womb and discern negative programs that were created at the time and that may still determine your life at this time. Before we get started, we take a moment to sink deep into ourselves and make contact with the time when we developed as a baby in our mother's belly. How did this pregnancy go and how was your birth? Time in the womb and our birth may have been traumatic and still plays a role from our subconscious mind in our thinking patterns and in what we attract with it.

We enter the water in a gentle way and start breathing consciously. We work in pairs where one person each does the breathing session and the other person lovingly guides this under the supervision of Geert. We then take the time to integrate and share.

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Practical info for group sessions:

  • Participation only after approval from Geert. It is advisable to already have some breathing sessions on Conscious Connected Breathing so that you are already familiar with the physical, mental and emotional sensations.
  • Bring a towel, swimwear, bathrobe, slippers (towel and bathrobe available on site for 6 euros, slippers can be used free of charge)
  • You can bring a snorkel, diving mask and nose clip, but this is not a requirement. During these sessions you lie with your back in the water and you are carried by the supervisor. Floating tubes can also be used under the knees and under the head. The head is in the water but mouth and nose remain above the water.

Venue: Aquatempel Shambalah, Brielstraat 36, 9255 Buggenhout

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