Inspirational Speaker

Breathe to be free – It’s a kind of MAGIC

It will be an inspiring lecture that not only shows you the way to freedom, but also to authentic joy of life, to be genuinely happy and to be successful through the power of "conscious connected breathing". A recognizable story about the use of antidepressants and sleep medication, feeling depressed, divorce, getting older and raising children. Sexuality, finding your life mission, relationships, deception and infidelity, dealing with death, fears, processing trauma, healthy aging, illness, setbacks, so-called coincidence and the mystique of life are also discussed.

How do you sustain yourself in this turbulent society where illness, burn-out, depression, negativity and social pressure are serious challenges? Imagine: free forever, in all areas of life. It's possible! Recover your joy of life by returning to the essence of life: breathing.

Geert explains how "conscious connected breathing" and other practical simple techniques contribute to your quality of life on a mental, emotional, spiritual and physical level.

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