Breathwork session

Conscious Connected Breathwork - Joy of Life Breathwork: is an intense breathing technique that aims to make contact with your own life energy in an easy and simple way. In practical terms, it is the connection of the inhale with the exhale in a constantly relaxed rhythm, conscious and connected. It is one of the most intense and effective therapeutic and spiritual healing techniques. Geert himself had his first rebirth session with Marie Rose Windels in 1999.

Joy of Life Breathwork:

  • Restoring wrong breathing
  • Breathing life energy
  • Cleaning and nourishing the body
  • Being reborn or transforming spiritually and emotionally
  • Processing of trauma from the cause
  • Rejuvenation treatment through renewal of the cells
  • Creating a mentality of zest for life -
  • Processing of accumulated emotions
  • Finding your own "YOU"
  • Solving blockages
  • Solving psychic problems from the source
  • Creating a life based on trust, love, success, abundance, intuition, happiness, health and surrender
  • Living from the heart, living from and trusting your own feelings

Joy of Life Breathwork helps to bring a natural balance to all areas of our lives: emotionally, mentally-psychologically, spiritually and physically.

Often, multiple sessions are needed to obtain an optimal result.

Duration: first session 2hrs

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