Breathe to be free
It's a kind of magic!

Who I am and what I can do for you

Help, coaching and guidance when you suffer from depression, burnout, PTSD, psychological complaints and life questions. Achieving goals and achieving success. Living your life to the fullest. Walk your own life’s path. Master of your life. Learn to let go and create at the same time a magical life. Your life is your responsibility.

Back to authentic joy, being happy and living a long and healthy life. Approach from the root cause through Integrative rebirthing – conscious connected breathwork, positive mindsetting and energetic work.

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I’ll help you find your joy of life again!
Bring joy love trust magic peace light
(back) into your life!


Joy of Life Breathwork services and products.

Breathwork session

Integrative Rebirthing (private session)


Energetic Harmonisation (private session)


Joy of Life - Rebirthing - Breathwork Practitioner

Breathing Circle

Conscious Connected Breathing in group setting


Joy of Life Program

Coaching via skype

Online Coaching

Personal roadmap

Joy of life coaching

Travel and Retreats

Multi-day program on location

Video Corner

Free inspirational videos