Markus Ray received his training in the arts, holding an MFA in painting. Also a writer and a poet, he brings spirituality and sensuality together in these mediums of expression.

He is a presenter of the profound modern psychological/spiritual scripture, A Course In Miracles. He studied with his master, Tara Singh, for l7 years, in order to experience its truth directly. His spiritual quest has taken him to India many times with Tara Singh and Sondra Ray, where Muniraj, Babaji’s foremost disciple, gave him the name Man Mohan, “The Poet who steals the hearts of the people”.

In all of his paintings, writings and lectures, Markus creates a quiet atmosphere of peace and clarity that is an invitation to go deeper into the realms of inner stillness and beauty. He teaches along side of SONDRA RAY, and many have been touched by their demonstration of a holy relationship in action. He also paints iconic images of the Masters while his twin flame, Sondra Ray, teaches and instructs the people.

Sondra Ray and Markus Ray are brought together by the grace of their Master, Maha Avatar Herakahn Babaji. Babaji Himself said, “Markus is my Humbleness. Sondra is my Voice. Together they are my Love.” As Ambassadors for Him, their mission is to bring His teaching of “Truth, Simplicity, Love and Service to Mankind” along with the presence of the Divine Mother to the world through seminars (like the New LRT®) and the healing practice of Liberation Breathing®, and the study of A Course in Miracles.

They are unfolding the plan of Babaji, Jesus and the Divine Mother, which is beyond our wildest dreams! Their relationship is a shining example of what is possible through deep ease and no conflict. They can take you to a higher realm where Spiritual Intimacy©, miracles, and holy relationships can become real in your life. The various Spiritual Quests around the world with Liberation Breathing® prepare you to receive more profound levels of Divine Presence in your life, and awakens more awareness of Immortal Love in your heart. Their seminars like the New LRT® help you get clear on family, relationships, and how your thoughts produce your results in life.